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The Dalton Housing Authority was established in 1948 pursuant to Chapter 121B of the Massachusetts General Laws as state-aided housing.

Pine Grove Manor





Elderly/Handicapped Low income elderly housing (Chapter 667)


Our elderly housing property is located at Pomeroy Manor, 38 East Deming Street, Dalton, MA (40 units) as well as at Pine Grove Manor, 293 High Street, Dalton, MA (28 units).  All units are one bedroom family units.


Applicants must be 60 years of age or handicapped and meet income eligibility guidelines.  Rent is based on 30% of net monthly income.  Utilities are included in rent.









Family Housing Low income housing

(Chapter 705)


Our family property is located at 293 High Street, Dalton, MA.  There are five (5) three bedroom units with an extensive waiting list.  Applicants must meet income eligibility guidelines.  Rent is based on  27% of net monthly income and includes water and sewer.  Tenants are responsible for utilities.


More information is available in the latest Annual Report, available under Publications.



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